CHECKIE IEONG  Designer | Jeweller


Checkie Ieong graduated in 2015 from The Glasgow School of Art specialising in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design. Checkie's influences consider texture, structure and construction from organic forms. Microscopic images of plant and flower cells are her main source of inspiration. She uses precious materials including gold, silver, and fresh water pearls within her work, mirroring the natural organic structures and microscopic forms.

For Checkie the interaction between the wearer and piece is an essential aspect throughout her design process. Within each piece she engages the wearer by incorporating moveable and kinetic elements that creates a relationship between them. Having had a background in fashion, she inspires to create alluring pieces that are both captivating and innovative. Checkie is passionate to create wearable couture jewellery.

Checkie furthered her studies in the Richemont Group's Creative Academy, a postgraduate school based in Milan. During her studies, Checkie worked on projects where she designed wristwatches, jewellery and accessories for the Richemont Maisons.